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by admin on October 18, 2009

First, do the following exercise:
For about five minutes close your eyes and imagine themselves – such as it would like to look good. The best I were you. Imagine yourself in the details – how you look to the smallest detail, imagine how you walk, you talk, you laugh.

Ready – set up by you seal the image in your mind and keep reading.

Look in the mirror and see what he would like to change in yourself to look more attractive – compare with yours I perfect what I presented before. Hair style, clothing, clothes, posture, etc. Then ask the people in your family, then friends (especially if you have any female) – what would you advise them to change in your appearance. Not be tied to any recommendation that you give, but only to those who find that they are good – most importantly, do you think it will look more cool. Make your hairstyle that suits you (not necessarily kichozna). Get out of the market (best friends with several competent and girlfriends – and failing in stores usually have other saleswomen than women – do not be shy to ask for their objective opinion about everything samples) and buy cool clothes. Comply with impeccable hygiene – the smell of sweat, bad breath and dandruff will not make you attractive. And no excuses that you have no money and / or time. If you do not want to spend time and money it directly open this site – it will not help you. Justifications of the type that you are not gay to care quite so much about yourself will not help you, and the way you noticed how many beautiful women there are always about gays? – How do you know why? … Walk upright, shoulders back – granted calmly, without tension, also the head upright, eyes slightly above horizon. You should never look down and not bend. Do not get out much with my hands while walking and keep them in their pockets (at least not often). Look people straight in the eye and does not shift until they look at your shift.

Internal state and Frame.
To improve its domestic situation will be much more difficult than your appearance.
Do the following exercise, which is similar to the first:
Close your eyes again and imagine your perfect self. Now imagine that it is the role of Brad Pitt. You say it. You’re famous actor, you’re very rich, you do sex every night Angelina Jolie, are you mad at all women of this world. Imagine how you walk, you talk, what are your gestures, how they see people on the streets in mass – did everywhere. Feel the domestic situation.
Here it is the internal state, which must acquire. This is the internal state of Alpha.

Frame NLP is a term and I will explain it briefly:
This is the way you perceive yourself and the world that surrounds you, your beliefs about himself and you all around you. (Holy is never quite the same for two people – and everyone takes it on the basis of their emotions, memories, ideas, experiences, programs, etc.)
When two people communicate more strong and powerful frame dominates. If your Frame is that its best the strong man of the world, when you communicate with someone that betray his own sense, and he began to accept it as a super tough guy. If your Frame is that its “shmuglyo-jerk” – everyone will feel it and use it to get you trampled or at least they qualify as niskorangov.
With a strong handicap can only achieve so much – to dominate in situations of conflict with powerful people – because they see that you are strong and do not know how far can you get and how bluffing (the best poker players are the best because of this – they may have no cards, but act as though had four aces – that their Frame-a), to dominate the weaker frame-s and create attraction among the people around you, etc. Women love men with a strong worldview (frame). And often like “bad boys” because they do not behave nasty with them and they have incredibly strong frame – do not care nothing and nobody and do whatever they want …
To improve its domestic situation and to build an iron frame must invest much time and effort, but now you a “little secret” of my experience: This is the most important component in the game. No money, style of dress, voice, or whatever it is can not compensate for lack of a strong frame and / or the presence of a confused inner state.

Voice and body language.
The voice is something very basic – if thou wilt believe in is even more important than appearance. If your voice is slow, too weak, too slow or fast, or hoarse speech is incorrect and you dim it have to work on it. The exercises for this are simple. Stand in front of the mirror (I know its not much time spent so far on my entire life in this place:)) and imagine talking to ten people on any topic. First Live Score vigorously and internal condition and say that until the topic and then replaced. While talking not stand like a statue, but try to izigraesh topic bustling with her body language. Move your hands and body with specific gestures that communicate a lot better than your words your inner state – without of course not become a clown. Do not fix what you like and then encourage families and / or friends to sit down and do the same exercise over them. Then asked them objective feedback. As a result your voice must be loud, clear, relatively fast (but not too fast), full of energy and deeper. Body language you should be: wide positions, take up more space, always have maximum comfort, wide gestures, showing that its open and social person, etc.

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