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by admin on November 7, 2009

Do you want some..?

Do you want some..?

There are two ways:
1. remain so, as you are, and act by brute force, learning constantly with a bunch of girls and all the while relying on all sorts of tricky techniques from NLP, psychology and hypnosis;
2. be such that the girls themselves at you jumped, without neglecting, however, and NLP with all the attendant.
Personally, I more impressed with the second approach.
Many people ask me: where and when to learn? The answer is simple, as all genius – anywhere, anytime. Wherever you are, you must constantly scan the audience for a girl of his dreams. Just do not forget that if you have a girl with whom you want to have or have attitude, all the rest, even the most eye-popping for you at the moment do not exist as objects of sexual harassment. Many pioneers gather in packs and go to the pickup. It says only that they were dissatisfied and uncertain. No need to go somewhere with a firm order “to remove the girl.” If you learn to do everything correctly, you will be more than missed those that come across you at every step – in a bus on the street, in a bank, a clinic, at parties, bars and places for recreation. Simply, wherever you may be – if you see a girl, which would certainly want, then you should quickly find out: she alone or with a knight, and if she had a wedding ring on his finger.
By the way, do not advise particular focus on married, unless the woman is not all that you are searching for a lifetime. And such, in general, almost never. Since married aunts hemorrhoids incomparably more – their time they can manage so far as, and in half the cases (if not more) they are with children. So, try this: whether it be you? But there is everyone. Happened that because of me, and the men were thrown, and without any pressure from my side. In general, concentrate on the girls without a wedding ring on his finger.
If you see that girl is not in the cavalry (Know how to visually distinguish between “her guy” from “just friends”), then you should just come and talk to her under any pretext. Just do not ask her permission to get to know her. A simple approach and do what you’re doing everything else. Speaking of anything better than that, what would be natural to speak in this place and in this situation. If you ask a question, formulate it in such a way to get a positive response. Avoid questions containing the particle “no”. Framed the question so that it already contained a ready answer, and one that you need. “You do not want to drink with me a cup of coffee?” – Wrong option, because you yourself told her the answer “do not want.”
Before you go, try to make sure that you noticed it, and track her reaction to herself. If it starts to behave not quite as led up to it (for example, adjusts the hair begins to gently smiling, looking in another direction, and keeps track of your lateral gaze), then you are interested in it. Remember Ogurtsov once very well said: “If I start to think about whether the girl does not want to attract my attention, it means that it is already doing all that I noticed her.” If a girl starts to look straight at you and smile – go immediately to meet with any sentence. You’ve got her very much, and she is afraid that you will go, not going up to her. This act, and no brakes.
Why I killed a lot of time vdalblivaya you is what you should be? In order to alleviate the incredible work you, buddy. When you become such as I wrote, you will otshivat to run very rare. If only you will not be approached with a completely idiotic phrases. While in the case when the girl herself looks at you invitingly, she can swallow any nonsense from you and not wince. But not really hope for it and try to be original, and most importantly – a natural and confident.
I have already written that you must provide advance versions of its future behavior and develop a strategy for further action for each case. And never brake. Approaches at the earliest opportunity. This is when you become a real guru, you will be able to do everything as you like: to dress as the soul desires, say anything, and take the girls in packs, while continuing to picking his nose with his big toe. You have great guru? I am pleased that you finished reading this far, although I’m not writing to you, but for those who wants very much, but still can not be like you.
Approach at once and without any hesitation, to include the maximum toggle self-confidence and good mood. Introductory sentence is not so important in itself. Once I took a girl at a bowling alley, podsmotrev her name on the device at the track, and not finding anything better than to say: “Olga, you do not remember?” As later became clear, and her name was something completely different, but I would succeed, despite the banality of the template. Why? Yes, because she had noticed me before, I saw that I was looking at her, and too interested in me. So I immediately took her to a cafe, where we chatted pleasantly for half an hour, and she recorded me your phone and on the following visit, we chatted pleasantly already in my bed, to their mutual satisfaction.
Once you walked over and struck up a conversation, try this conversation immediately to continue, if have the time, and it is also not in a hurry. The longer and more interesting, you communicate, the faster you get all later, and the greater the chances you get her phone number. It may even be that you’ll sleep with her right now, if you manage to be very interesting and strong enough to take off her roof. In any case, at the end of the conversation do not forget to take her phone number. But you came not to sweet talk, but in order to continue the acquaintance and drag her into his bed. Unless you lost interest in it already in the process of dating, and is also such.
If she gives you her number – half the work already done. If you give just two telephones (cell and home, home and work), she very much wants you to call. If you do not give numbers, but offers to give you your own – not particularly rolled lip. Most likely, you’re not particularly like her, and she never calls you do not, although the chance remains. It is better to give her his business card – they usually do not throw away, but leave just in case. You’ll see, someday your card and turn into a winning lottery ticket.
Sometimes your question about her phone number a girl will ask: “Are you sure that this is necessary?” Do not be scared of such issues – most likely, you are interested in her, and she just checks to see whether it is for you seriously, or not so sure myself. In this case, you should not hesitate to reply that confident, and look at it a serious look. You must show himself the highest ranking macho, and not doubting teenager, and it is up to 99 percent of cases will take your rank as a higher and give your number.

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