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by admin on October 29, 2009

Learn how to kiss her!

Learn how to kiss her!

Guys and girls lined up opposite each other in the room. Shuffle girls choose partners and with him rubbing against the carpet on the floor until a charge of electricity, in front of these lights in the room muffled. They kiss in the dark, and electrical discharge spark between their lips, to the delight of all watching …

Parties to the electric kisses
Several years ago, has taken a very peculiar custom of kissing, which is worth to mention about him here and showing how we can adapt the modern devices for our needs. Young people hold so-called “power party”. Well, youth has always been at the forefront of progress in the search for entertainment. When the ether was a common anesthetic, the young heads in our city held a sort of “ether-smelling” parties, which became obdolbannymi’d anaesthetized himself with ether “jaguars”. But back to the “electric kisses.” An excerpt from the works of contemporary writer, perhaps, give us some idea of what’s happening.
Guys and girls lined up opposite each other in the room. Shuffle girls choose partners and with him rubbing against the carpet on the floor until a charge of electricity, in front of these lights in the room muffled. They kiss in the dark, and electrical discharge spark between their lips, to the delight of all watching. ”
Something like this can be done in our days, in the dry cold evenings when the air is saturated with electricity. But try not to touch each other, once rubbed on the carpet. Simply bend to each other, and when your lips come near to each other at a distance of about a centimeter, slow down, until then, until the sparks erupt. But before you need to practice, that all went well. The natural reaction to this will shock and attempt to rebound from each other. But try to crush this impulse, because if you do not complete a kiss, all the fun will.
After some time, from the moment when you begin to do it the first time, you get used to the shock and become a more powerful level. It can be obtained from the vibrator or from any device, which operates from a 3-volt battery and has open communication. In shooting galleries often have an electric gun with a comfortable handle. In general, no matter what you use, the principle is simple: you touch a single pole device, your partner – the other. Doing so, sblizte your lips, yet between them there will be 15-17 cm At this point, turn the device. Once the voltage becomes sufficiently strong, the sparks suddenly erupt in a place between your lips. Again, train yourself not to shirk, and combine in a magnificent lips kiss. The advantage of this method is that you can adjust the voltage, so that it becomes more sophisticated, can increase the charge.
Way, a couple of words of warning. Not recommended to exceed the voltage of conventional batteries. Do not be like my young friend, who decided that conventional batteries, even the strongest, is not strong enough for him and his partner. As an experimenter by nature, he decided to find out what happens when you use an ordinary household electricity. Thus, he and his girlfriend arranged to jack into which he stuck-mounted disjointed and bare wires. Hand in one end, he asked the girl to take up another. Then, using the technique of “electric kiss”, he leaned over and began to slowly bring together their lips with her. He approached her somewhere in the centimeter away from her lips, when all was over. Because the next moment he saw a brilliant flash before my eyes and then felt a strong impulse knocked him off his feet. When he came to himself, he found that he was lying, stretched out on the floor, his girl is in a similar position a few meters away from him. The result of the experiment were two pairs of burned lips and a unanimous decision to return to the old fashioned way kiss. A burnt lips then reacted nervously to the fire.
Kiss the dance
Very pleasant way to kiss is the kiss in the dance. There is again the proximity of bodies of participants, which increases the pleasure. What else might wish to pair of lovers, but the dimly lit dance floor and the gentle, rhythmic melodies Wayne King, their hands around obvivshihsya partner, their young bodies, tseluyuschih each other in millions of different points, when their cheeks meet each other in burning velvety touch? Naturally, in such a situation, the rules of decorum will not allow a couple to enjoy an extremely desirable customary kiss on the lips. It is true that you can do, alone in a secluded room, the sounds of radio. In fact, in such an environment can be done and the “electric kiss”. But in a public place just a few kisses can disrupt the sly, hiding from the strict gaze accompanying a girl friend. Pretending to whisper something in her ear, let your lips touch her earlobe, her cheek and her chin. Also “spiritual kissing” can be-used in this manner. But the secret of joy should be sufficient for a happy couple until they return home. Then, stimulated by this prelude to the non-kissing, the couple can enjoy all the variations described in this book. Maybe they remember the lines from “Ballad of the marriage” of Sir John Suckling:
“Oh, they suddenly get up and dance, then sit back and sigh devour each other’s eyes, then dancing and kissing.
Unexpected kiss
The most charming manner, dubbed “unexpected kiss.” Performed when one party had fallen asleep on the couch, say so. Another went into the room and discovered his love sleeping on the couch, on tiptoe to approach her. Then, slowly bent his head, slowly, gently and lightly as a feather, kiss directly on the lips. That first kiss should be very easy. Then the intensity of the kisses should increase to as long as sleep does not wake up, and, of course, even then. The effect of such an awakening for the sleeping truly magical. For a while in the dream she feels weak, a strange sensation, as if the butterfly regard to her lips with his wing. Naturally, in a dream she would submit that this is just part of the dream and vision. Then, still in him, feels the kisses continue. And fun, too, continues. Then, when it will start to emerge from sleep, realizes that kissing too real for dreaming. But at the same time, it will be sure that is still asleep. Then return to reality will be accompanied by pain, sorrow from the fact that, rather than to be with her lover, she only dreams about it. Now imagine her joy when staying in these gloomy thoughts, she feels on his lips a passionate kiss. Her heart zatrepeschet. Her pulse jumped. Maybe she did not dream? Then she opens her eyes and sees the face of her lover, leaning over him, feel the sensual kiss his lips on his lips. Indeed, no other revival can not be so pleasant!

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