Four qualities of the coolest man

by admin on October 23, 2009

The four most valuable qualities that are the basis of success with women in general and in communication with other people.

1. Courage
Courage is the hallmark of a true man. And if you think about anything valuable, anything constructive, the entire evolution if you will be achieved through courage. Being brave does not mean they do not fear, only to be opposed to their fears and despite them to overcome obstacles and cope with situations not comfortable. Courage is the older brother of confidence and courageous people like and create attraction in others very quickly. Without courage, will rarely achieve significant things in their lives. When approached a woman, changed his job, standing up position and your mind, protect yourself and your friends a helping hand to the person in distress you use their courage. And these are the great moments in your life. Yes, courage is often a risk and you should always get out of comfort zone with which his daily habit. There is a problem – most people are afraid to risk what has been achieved and this impedes their efforts to achieve even greater and greater success.

I advise beginners are not comfortable situations, those in which fear and do exactly what they fear, and brings them discomfort. By doing so, over time, the country’s border will become more extensible, and courage you will have seized more territory, push out feeling like uncertainty and insecurity.
Strive to be a people for whom courage is a way of life.

2. Honesty
Can you imagine a nice and genuine man to lie and try to hitree. It is true that in today’s world it is dangerous to constantly honest and sincere people, but positives to derive from the honest attitude with others are not comparable. You will get great respect from everyone around him – even his enemies because of its openness. But most importantly, it will have very strong self-esteem in themselves, realizing that you are someone who is not humble to lie and can not afford to tell the truth to others.

Both ways can respond to women or to tell the truth bluntly, and to show reluctance to answer the question / topic. And indeed, when you ask an uncomfortable question that you do not want to answer just say “I will not answer you” or “I want to know,” or brief “Secret”. During the rest answer honestly, even if you think that talking against him. And this applies not only to communicate with women. If you are a job interview can easily prepare their “right” answers. But the employer lied and you lie to yourself – you will be assigned a place which does not meet your real skills – a place that is not for you and only you will know love.

3. Leadership
People are divided into two main groups. The first group needs someone to follow by example. The second type of people are leaders – those elected men and women – able to lead the whole group of people behind them and decide their fate. Women’s nature makes the girls to seek leadership in men, which come with having sex. If you can not lead a woman she can never be relied upon in difficult situations that you will show her the way and have the power not only to show it, but to walk with her – leading her.

Beware of leadership. Being a leader means not having to constantly and is always and only as you want. Despotic men quickly tire of not only women but also to your friends. Listen to the advice and wishes of people the waters, so their leaders will stay until the end.

Remember that you need leaders to stand up to the woman’s interest to yourself or a group of people. Egoistic assertion only its own interests most often leads to exclusion from a group and lack of respect.

4. Intelligence
Fourthly comes intelligence. This is not the wisdom or knowledge, and how not to read books or the number of forms and certificates you have. Intelligence is your ability to quickly and effectively react to all situations in the best and affordable way. Particularly valuable to be able to react to unfamiliar situations in the most proper way. With the intelligence to make thousands – of this interesting conversation can lead to cooking this dish unfamiliar to you. The best speakers are not memorizing his own speeches, but instead used pivot and simple rules of communication and adjust his speech to the mood and the attention of the audience. Story to tell when a girl emotion ensure that reached by the voice, words and body language. If you feel that it is boring – Score intelligent interesting element in the story or raise your voice, change your body language, or simply stop telling the words “Is this story was boring – enough is enough.”

With the intelligence to understand and do you count very quickly the social dynamics around you. Which is fun, who makes his joke on your back, which is made interesting, not sure who in their words and in yourself, who you admire, who hates and loves. Will also fail to react adequately in all these situations and get out in the best light and high ranking of each event.

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