First Date Conversation

by admin on July 18, 2010

first date conversation

first date conversation

First Date Conversation.

Dating with women is the first step of flirtation.

1. Be confident in the success.
Look maximum fine when met / first impression is always visually. Dress effectively. Approach with confidence and with confidence to the woman. What woman is apparent how you dressed and what is your self-confidence / based on body language. Your voice should be energetic, strong and stressing self-esteem and confidence you. Most men are wondering whether to show interest in women, which are introduced. Generally accept the following:
When you display a strong interest in the relationship / direct game / should look for a quick payoff and / as an exchange of physical contact or escalation. If it is too late the woman will feel that you do not know how and Can not “to get what they want – and that lowers your ranking seriously.
When you do not show interest or very little interest in women have more time before they escalate, but you may qualify as insufficiently bold.

2. Insert humor and bazitsi
This is priceless. Humor is just a fictional dating with women:). Most likely the beginning of the conversation / even if the woman you love / she will feel at least slightly uncomfortable. With humor you can easily remove any tension in the relationship and also to show how cool you are. In our practical trainings with women dating men learn how to spot small details that happen and use them in conversation and introduce a fun way. Do everything that is happening around you and it made the fun and playful way to a woman.

3. Speak with emotion and enegriya
Not once we mention that the voice is the primary tool of every man to create attraction in women. If you speak sluggish and only one plane – ie monotone – it repels women, who are acquainted with the difficult and they will listen longer. Speak with emotion – painting pictures with his voice. When you tell us learn when to make breaks, when your voice becomes quieter, deeper and more resonant when and fun. Ability to convey emotion in his voice is one of the most important if you want women to like you.

4. Tell me interesting things in dating with women
All have heard the argument that it’s not what you speak of women and how they talk. And although this statement is true, an absolute plus is if you can tell and share interesting stories. Interesting events are: fun, funny, and unpredictable end. Also tell stories that show a high rank as interesting trips, meetings with interesting and famous people, amazing things happen to you and other amazing places.

5. Keep the conversation view, where women are introduced to
In the end you give another important advice – namely water conversation and relationship all in the desired direction. When talking with a woman aware what you want to happen as a result of this conversation. Is it just for fun conversation. Is a call to an exchange of contacts. Is it call for the establishment of trust and respect between you. Is it more intimate conversation. Big mistake to expect to get results when your attitude is just a friendly conversation with the woman. Rather keep your order and let the conversation lead to just that.

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