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by admin on November 11, 2009

Dating. What can I say, how to start communication, the fear when meeting

1. Fear of dating – a bit about it. The most important thing to realize is that any girl would be pleased if her on the street and fit nicely acquainted interesting young man. Not in any way will molest or sticky, and suitable to communicate. Attention pleasure for any girl. How to do it beautifully – read more.

2. Very cool, if you establish eye-contact before getting to know, how do you provide will be fine with it, you’ll understand that you’re cool, and she, too, cool smile at the edge of her lips (you can even wink), she usually smiles in response. Ulbku possible to practice in the mirror, but when the girl is really like – then smile and give a look.

3. If there was eye-contact and she smiled in response, and even her hair and looking at you (or showed other signs of obvious interest) – then you can take your phone direct style ‘ohm. Something in the style of “Hey, you’re really cool, I am in a hurry, let’s talk some other time to stretch * Phone * Burn. Or even stretch out your phone and dial there is a deuce, she will understand.

4. Remember that the phone is not a goal but a means that would then arrange to meet and hear her beautiful voice in the dynamics of a mobile phone.

5. You can start talking a compliment, but it must be sincere and original. Ideally, any details on which she tried for a long time. For example “Cool colors selected handbags and shoes, looks обалденно. The fact that her classroom chest she knows herself:)

6. They rule the contextual and situational openery (opener – the phrase for the opening of communication). All what have you decided on the move and will approach this situation. You just started a conversation, you’re just such a cool guy that you are interested to talk to this girl. At any interesting topic. Look around, note that something of interest and comment, that would engage in a dialogue.
In clubs it is particularly important – the whole club is one big context.

7. Openery-Quests and opinions. Questions that require extensive answers. “We have here an argument with his girlfriend …”,” Do you think someone is lying more – men or women? “,” I need your woman’s opinion “,” Hi, you are the cool girl in the shop and I want to ask you Board ”

8. The worst phrase for dating, girl, and can meet you? “. The worst opener – read on the Internet. Improvise!

9. Rule of three seconds. He saw the beauty, within three seconds you know that he would like her to talk and begin to approach a confident gait. Or show any other activity – play neverbalikoy, wink, smile, and then approached. What can I say – make up on the fly.

10. In the extreme case, for starters, you can have a pair of home-made dishes invented by you personally. But still the best to improvise.

11. Do not tighten acquaintance. Take the phone at the peak of communication or to change a place that would soon hold a meeting.

12. Choose to everywhere. Transportation, street, shopping centers, cafes, clubs and libraries. It does not matter whether she was sitting with friends, or walking with her mother. If you think any of these cases difficult – it is your internal restriction.

13. If you feel that you meet terrible – binding approach. The only way to overcome fear. Fear – an indicator of development. It is better to do and regret than not to do and regret. There is no failure – there is feedback and experience.

14. In conversation be flexible and persistent. It can play a little with you and give your phone at once. It may say something like “I do not meet on the street” – “I too:) go to a cafe and then learn there.” Over time, girls will cease to issue these checks and will want you more than you do them. Practice and experience counts!

15. Imagine that you and she cast on the stage. And you play. Your approach to it – playing, improvisation, flirt. Play!

16. Test! This is all well and will remain theory, if not try these features in practice. Even at the training RMES large part is devoted to exploring the fears and approach social restrictions, exercises to generate openerov, the chips on the tying of interesting dialogue immediately at the time of dating and dating with the girls exploring feedback from the trainer. This is important! The first sentence for dating may be the beginning of a beautiful romance, all in your hands.

Stay turned. Sincerely, affirmative.

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