Erotic Massage

by admin on October 24, 2009

tips of erotic massage

tips of erotic massage

Romantic atmosphere
Free apartment from unnecessary people (the parents went to the cottage, and younger brother – to the grandmother), disconnect the phone and pager (as his own, and friends), zashtorte window. Then light the candles and burn incense awaken sexuality (patchouli, Mogren, or, if you can find, opium). Turn on the light music and lie down on a pre propylesosenny carpet or hard bed (if bed is soft, massage will not work).
Erotic massage should begin with gentle rubbing. The hands of your friend to gently and slowly move from the waist to the shoulders and back. Once you finally relax, love can move to the next stage.
She sits on your buttocks (if its mass allows it) and starts vigorously, but not much bang for your back heel of his hand. Strikes should be soft and springy. This element of sadism is necessary in order to improve muscle tone and stimulate circulation. Torture should not be delayed – after 5 minutes to start the climax.
Favorite dismount from your buttocks and grabbed them with her tender hands. First she kneads your ass, then back and finishes the scalp. Her fingers with force and passion massaged every inch of your body. If your friend does not champion in bodybuilding – it should be nice. Then she lays on you (again, if the mass allows) and covered with kisses back: from neck to waist, with her hands gently stroking your first rib, then come down, slip under your torso and grope for something without which it is impossible to man . After that a normal person turns over and offers to do the same massage or girlfriend asks her to wait 20 minutes until power restored.

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