DIfferent tests that woman’s doing when they flirting

by admin on October 22, 2009

There are many materials on the Internet to tailor tests and various interpretations. What I will explain in this topic is exactly what predstvavlyavat tailor tests and how to deal with them. Each of us in life has failed thousands of times by various tests for women without even being aware that it tested.

Why do women test men? The instinctive and basic level, every woman wants to obtain offspring and the genes of the strongest male. Even in modern life, where women have sex for pleasure more than a generation these instincts are still in force. In the past women had to decide very quickly whether the man who is interested in it is suitable and strong enough. If you make the wrong choice and it progeny, and were doomed to perdition. That is why the attraction for women is based on the behavior of man rather than his appearance. That’s why so often, the woman changed her emotions to a man. Our men do not. If a woman is beautiful, it will remain so for a long time, so that the attraction is more permanent.
But let’s look at what the tailor tests. Any man can learn to speak a woman and a few minutes to do the right thing. Good body language, voice, energy, some interesting history, etc. In the end these are just a few minutes. But the deep, instinctive level, she is a need to test to see whether there really is such as to be presented. If a man has a high rank tests will be lighter, as it still does not want to miss the chance to be with visokorangov man. But in low rank tests are brutal. Screw you one test after another, much more – brutal tests until tie hard and become a monkey. Then usually lose interest. Women do so not because they suck. They must do so because of the aforementioned reasons. So if by chance you catch visokorangova friend, as a weak man, with time it will crush. Tests are among others throw away, at the moment in which at – least expect them.
What are the best – the frequent tests tailor? Most – is widespread, when a woman tries to they scored a role in the subjunctive. For example you ordered directly what to do: “Wait here,” “Hold my purse for a while,” Bring it, “” Shut up, “I’ll treat you like a drink?”. If you bind and do literally anything you say after a while you will notice that it starts to keep distant and wants more stuff. And once you started doing that, it will expect you to do, and you will increasingly come into the frame and and you’ll think this is normal. This is a trap in which many great men fall. One of the most – important things for the passage of this test is to check your time. There are cases when a woman really needs help and that is not tailor test. You should be able to judge and to differ. Do not go to extremes to think that everything is a test, because it will hold in tension and will destroy you communicate with people.
Another example of a tailor test is when a woman tries to download your rank and pay frames. Ie they are trying to earn nowhere you want to impress you’re lonely, that have no interest in life that no money that you’re weak in bed, etc. The aim is to provoke an emotional reaction from you and to start and qualified. If you slip emotionally to it, that you immediately lower your rank and before you know it, the attraction is gone. Example: “When was the last time you had sex?”, “Are you talking to all womans like that?”, “No you another job?” “Why do you think will give your phone a man who recognizes two minutes?” No can answer these questions seriously and logically. My favorite tactic here is to steal her frame, ie to draw all things to her so that she feels I need to qualify. Another way is to razbazikam and subject to change. And I simply ignore the issue and to continue to the target. Examples of possible answers:
“When was the last time you had sex?” – “Let me think … May already have 10 years. And you? From 100? ”
“Are you start talking to all womans like that?” – “Well … in fact, only those where a piercing her nose like you. Hey, can you get it with your tongue? ”
“Do you have your other work?” – “Basically, collect garbage around the city, this morning I finished a little earlier and here I was here with you … ”
“Why do you think will give your phone a man who recognizes two minutes?” – “I do not think that would give the phone to someone you know in two minutes. But I know that will give it to me. ”
Third tailor test: women play various games – not answering the phone, cancel the meeting, change some arrangements to see how it will respond to you flirting with other guys, you incite curiosity and then keeps you in suspense and others. Behavior and it is absolutely illogical and unpredictable. At the moment you let that affect your ranking falls. A few days ago following happened to me: his appointed meeting with a girl with what I wrote on Skype. I was a little doubtful that it is serious because I have met many monosyllabic and easily agreed. After half an hour, I wrote that really should go to the exam. Phone and asked, but she did not answer. Little – and later wrote: “I see that you love games, but I did not fall on them. Write me when you decide to major “A few minutes later I wrote that I was very brave to write and that just came out of the bathroom, etc. After two days alone began to show interest in me. In this case, I passed and that does not tie its games and forced his frame.
Tests for stressed – refuse to give you my phone, but continues to speak to you, you are not allowed to escalate, but you ask questions and likes you. Tells you he has a friend, or that all men think only about sex, which aims to prevent you to escalate physically. My rule is never to quit at the first refusal. Well, give me something to hang back slightly, creating a little more and pull out a request and try again. Never leave until they achieve set target or not they otsviryat!
Latter type of tests are very thin. These are tests which aim to make you feel guilty, so you want sex, is also trying to determine whether you have complexes in terms of sex. These tests are made of – a late stage, already having their meeting. As you said that men cheat more that they can not be trusted and similar stereotypes. They are trying to become a “psychotherapist” as you talk about previous girlfriends, how much has been hurt by a link, etc. Here the key word is calibration. Should not be rude and insensitive, but at the same time, she must know that he is gone with a man, not another “friend”.
The main thing is necessary to tailor the passage of the tests is to have character and strong frame. You should know exactly what you want at any time in their lives, to have standards and criteria for the woman he seeks. Do not allow anyone to behave disrespectful to you and to have their own beliefs and values. With the right inner attitude will pass without even tailor the tests to be felt. Best pickup artist is not afraid to tailor tests. He knows that this is a way to show that it is useful and valuable man. Moreover – it causes them to be poured on it and then they can pass them with ease. That is why it is possible to speak of a woman on the street and several hours later to have sex with her. Because a woman would never tested a man to whom she is interested. However, she does not want to be rude to people for no reason.
Finally – do not think that everything in life is a test! Keep in mind the things that I described, find the errors in their behavior and adjust them! But in the set do not think about it! Truck is to live in the moment. You do not need to constantly guard. When a real man to communicate with a woman receives a challenging and beautiful thing that you can not describe in words. This is an art, a dance in which both enjoy each other. (Dating advice)

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