Dating situations do not repeat!

by admin on January 28, 2011

Sometimes life you gave an excellent opportunity – but you can not use it.

For example, distracted girl slipped in front of you and spills the contents of the purse. And you do not take advantage of this situation and not help her. Too bad.

That could of been you !

That could of been you !

But – it happens. This is a white kahar. Much worse is when you start to think this way: “Well, well, this time I did nothing – I’m your fool. But the next time something like this happens, I will already know what to do and everything will be right! “And one begins to imagine and fantasize how it next time …

You wonderful to know that such stories are not repeated. And no completely analogous to “next time” there will be! In the sexual sphere there is no tomorrow … It is therefore useless in early to prepare for a similar situation: twice in the same river you can not go. And hardly the next girl will pour pouch in front of you – this is stupid even to count.

So the only way out is always to find in the fighting position, be ready for the gifts of fortune.You never know when it will happen something like that, so be ready for action any time, even after one second.

And not to be straining and act as if you have a hedgehog in your pants. Just imagine that now you have coiled spring, which at the right time ready to crucify you and will do so properly in this situation. Feel this “spring” or that “energy source” as you see fit. And you own in that you can stay relaxed, creative and resourceful – do what you need and as you like.

Incidentally, it is necessary to develop in themselves a real observation. Pay attention when the TV show where the presidents of different countries meet with ordinary people on the street. See how the guard observed the situation of these “first people”. They do not goggle around, do not blink – they watch quietly at some point, but after fifteen seconds moved to another view point – and always see around when something happens that is worthy of their attention.

I had an acquaintance who was distinguished by a rare observation. Once, I traveled with him on the subway and it was interesting enough. I then nothing in the world I noticed nothing of what he saw.

He managed to izkomentira how the boy at the other end of the wagon unnoticed shmugva his hand under the skirt of his lady. He saw someone up my members, hiding with the newspaper. And all this for two stops! Others simply saw nothing. Then I realized that this guy is sometimes fond of stealing from supermarkets and has a “professional” observation.

I will not give a moral evaluation (like – I do not communicate with him), but then his observation struck me. Another issue is that he does not use it in a “truck” – where it would be helpful!

How cool to be observant! Noticed with interest how they look miles young female creatures. Noticing that the girl bored and that would make nice and cheerful glad it …

For now I’ll just advise you to develop of observation and noticing what is happening around.Then you will not miss the situation where the girl her need help and so you can conveniently find it – maybe even himself will learn to spot it when you “caught the eye.

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