Dating advice and how to earn her trust

by admin on October 24, 2009

How to earn her trust

How to earn her trust

1. Major movement language
If you boast a lady that have a way with technology, or rather the art of cunnilingus, make no mistake, at the earliest opportunity, it is necessary to verify in practice. And if it is satisfied that your failure and falsehood, it is possible that you will quickly lose interest and confidence in myself, and with it access to her forbidden fruit – the cherished clitoris. She “you strike the list” of its potential kunnilingerov. (Kunnilinger – oral caressing girl man).

I do not think you want to hear: – “Sorry dear, I have today is not my day!” Or: – “I can not, now the husband must go!” This is one of the many forms of denial and telling you the pleasure! Advise not to be so stupid for you situation. At a meeting with the girl should come prepared and fully armed! Your weapon for you is, (not a member) is – your tongue! In the literal and figurative sense!

First: you must be proficient in them when meeting and talking with the girl, and secondly: to hold them neatly in a close, intimate acquaintance with your lady. If “this” acquaintance your girlfriend will appreciate your sexual potential, practical knowledge and skills. In order not to hit the front of her face in the dirt, do not be shy! Shyness binds the action! Let her feel what she had not yet felt. There are many opportunities and ways to that you have been given the head and tongue: (eg regarding the language of her anus, etc). But do not do what she does not expect! Council – Do not make unnecessary movements tongue!

2. How to win her trust
Again – the language! Yes! If your girlfriend make sure that you are not just a big mouth and are responsible for their words (at least for some of them), it absorbs you trust. Promise all you want! Talk a lot and beautiful. But to fulfill them for her at least something now! You can promise her vacation on the beach in Spain, said that going to marry her, but then it Get into the store and buy the most expensive for her pantyhose and panties! (Incidentally, inexpensive Italian panties are $ 90. I’ll buy!) Toad not stifled!

For himself he tried, in the end! What could be more pleasant when you pulled up her skirt and panties will see that you gave. Or, at worst, invite her to a restaurant. Do not delay execution indefinitely, she loses interest in you! One dear lady, the clitoris which I have enjoyed great success and confidence, once said to me: – I love men who promise! Although I know that, and half did not perform, but I trust them!

Remember: the girl will be revealed to cunnilingus before you like a rose for the bees only when you log in her confidence! Council – enter the trust girl boldly and decisively, without delay. Girls like brave men, capable of plunging into the world of her feelings, hopes and secret desires with his head. Do not forget to dip your tongue there too!

3. Language is your friend, comrade and enemy
I do not think that she will trust you the treasure, if you tell her that you have no experience or knowledge in the practice of cunnilingus. Even if you are a beginner kunnilinger not talk too much tongue! Remember the advice – do not make unnecessary movements tongue! If you tell her that you do not have experience but want to learn, do not rely on her favor! Clitoris you can not see how their ears! And you would have to work in his firm’s secretary without work experience? Probably not, unless of course it is not long, slender legs. It will fill up all the work you have to disassemble.

Similarly, the girl – no experience (oral) work, you will move no further interviews. The girl is looking for a professional of his craft, able to feel the frequent changes of her secret desires, ready to fulfill any whim, always driving one his case to the end – to orgasm, which she gives for his hard work, and for which her orgasms means a high appreciation of his professionalism! I understand that from a girl you the ears not ottyanesh! Become a virtuoso in this case as the maestro Paganini in his difficult – but possible! The main thing is that your tongue is not on her clitoris as far as the Earth in the month of July from the Sun at aphelion.

4. Put an end to her doubts! Pink!
You won her confidence, and it allowed you to their anallam. Do not rush to celebrate – everything can be decided not in the best way for you! The way you start and how to finish, much depends. Creates a suitable atmosphere, including soft romantic music.

Click on the button «repeat», which means “repeat” to the melody ceased no sooner than finished your girlfriend! Operate safely and skillfully, be gentle and affectionate. Take the initiative in their hands, (unless of course she gives it to you), but better give it your language. That he must cope with its task – to give pleasure to the girl. It was he who initiated you must bring the matter to an end – orgasm girl! Orgasm – this woman’s secret, that you are trying to unravel, experiencing, and if you’re lucky – to feel on the tongue.

Otherwise, it was not worth starting, for nothing worse than to throw razomlevshuyu girl with legs wide apart in the middle of the road with the words:
– You were right, dear? – Silly with a smile.

When a girl has confidence in you, and adopted the pose of a butterfly, be so kind as to its due attention! You asked for it on themselves! None of your language is not pulled!

So pull it themselves and take over this man’s business! Brody lizhite, seek, penetrate its secret cave, but do not get carried away, your task is to find a place through which to her is no turning back! This pink dot, called the clitoris, desperately hiding from your prying eyes of outsiders and, with them creates miracles! Find this point and gently talk to her!

Sign in to her confidence! Find a common language with her! Assent and agree with her! Thanks to her, you can bring your girl to the point that the drama is mysteriously called “point of no return”. For all your efforts, it will reward you thankful orgasm! A few seconds before orgasm, I advise you enter the language as deeply as possible into the vagina and wait with open mouth! At the moment of orgasm your tongue nervously waiting shrinks 5-7 times the walls of her vagina. You will feel the unevenness of the walls, the taste that is in your energy!

You entered the holy of holies, the weakest and unprotected place, where no access even to herself. Energy shoots, the girl moaned, you feel like a winner! Describe it is useless, try yourself!

As they say, better to see once! I promise you will not regret it! Feelings unforgettable! Pleasure is not for the faint of heart. Your language should put an end to its fat doubts about your abilities even before she put her. Give it (language) of freedom and a little imagination, and he will lead you into the world of female admissions and pleasures!

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