Critical points and how to find them

by admin on October 27, 2009

Get her by her critical points

Get her by her critical points

How to get from one point to another with a woman – from dating to bed.

When I first started to learn how to get acquainted with a woman, I realized that there are several “problem areas”, with whom I have to deal with. After I learned how to fight them alone, I realized that almost all men stumble on the same stones. Before we begin, let me explain what a “critical point”. It’s times when you have to do something to advance to the next level. For example, if you’re sitting with a woman and you have perfectly fastened conversation, you might want to engage in relations with it on a physical level. Most men, as far as I know, do not know exactly how to make a “transition” to the next level. Or imagine that you see the woman with whom you would like to meet you, and you must decide whether to approach her and say “hello” or not. This is a critical point. If you do not, then perhaps you do not submit another chance.
I know one guy who is acquainted with many girls. He really likes women, when they see it for the first time. He can make a girl come to visit and then go home with him. But every time he tries to go to physical contact, she decides it’s time to go home. I also know another guy who meets with women, no matter where he was. Women just love it. It laugh with his jokes, but he never asked their phone number, so it does not go with them on visits.
The problem with the critical point is that they almost always want a man take the initiative and do something that can not make the woman. For example, in passing, to say “hello”, to call for a date, kiss her.
All of these situations man has to overcome, despite the possibility of failure. This keeps most men from even trying. And most guys have at least one or two “territories” in which he feels insecure.
If you feel insecure and you know exactly where you can make a mistake, to say the wrong thing, you think that the girl will refuse you in the most crucial moment. The danger, of course, that a man can make a mistake in one of the key moments and a woman decides to leave. Any relationship – it is as a complex mosaic. You can go through several steps, then make a mistake and fail. Are you with me?
Here’s a list of “critical points”:
1. Attempt to contact (in passing, to say “hello”)
2. The numbers (to take a phone number)
3. Score the arrow (in fact, can be done when meeting)
4. Arrow (actually, the time you spend together)
5. Hold for the handles (the first long-term physical contact)
6. Kisses (the first physical contact)
7. Alone (trust)
8. Laski (sexually arouse)
9. Nudity (aroused)
10. Sex (very, very much to bring)
As far as I know, if people want to improve something in their life, he usually learns from his experiences. Many people make the mistake of thinking that with them that something was wrong, and they will never be able to overcome this obstacle. So, I took each of these critical points and created what I call the “bridge”. Let me explain what a “Bridge”. Something happens before every critical point. This constitutes something, followed by a critical point. For example, if you talk to a woman on the phone and want to invite her for a cup of coffee. It turns out that this phone call solves, you will meet with her or not. Or, if you’re on a date, and you would like to kiss her, her mood and level of pleasure that she receives, communicating with you, to decide whether she wants you to kiss her. Time “between the” critical points – is the bridge. If you like to determine the critical points (CT), then you are much more likely to succeed than if you did not. If you explore all of my “Strategies for Bridges”, this will help you a smoother transition from one QD to another. And best of my bridge-techniques that they forced her to take the initiative and move to the next level. For example, if you were alone with a girl that you’ve already kissed and going oblapat it, use my technique “sniffing”.
When you sniff a few minutes of her neck and shoulders, she usually start up so that you have enough and you start oblapyvat each other right there! (Of course, you want to remove it a little bit, because it will only increase her desire, as well as it will be fun for both of you). Perhaps the most important bridge between the conversation and the beginning of physical contact. Most men do not know how to go to the “physical” level. But I succeeded in this endeavor. But more about that later.
Bridge to number 1. The attempt to establish contact. Perhaps the most important concept is that how you feel inside. Today, women are very sensitive to things that sound conservative and banal. The way to get acquainted with a woman – is to approach her on the street and start a normal conversation. If you read my book, then you already know what I think is not the best idea to distribute the mountain compliments immediately. But that’s okay to say, “You know, I just wanted to say … that you have funny shoes”, etc. and then begins to speak.
The key is you have to do something normal. This reminds me of the movie «Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid» Paul Newman. At one point they say: “OK, we’re going to act honestly with a crook?” Most women are dreaming of a beautiful pryntse from the grocery store or blockbuster. A woman pushes nice, banal boys. Do not be so.
So how do you be calm and normal? Key – confidence and mien. You must learn to be confident in such situations. I was surprised when I learned that most women were quite pleasant, when get to know them closer. Especially when you do not behave like a hunter or a guy who was not with a woman 10 years.

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