Create your own style of the best dating (pickup) master!

by admin on October 24, 2009

Best man look of dating a girl

Man and his own "pickup a chick style"

To have success among the women you have beauty and style, but not limited to style of dress, and mode of behavior.

So much better, but how to create your own unique style. Here are some tips that can help you with this.
1. Spend plenty of little money and at least once in your life go to a stylist, not a neighborhood hairdresser. A good stylist will not only make you an original new hairdo, but it can give you some advice on other clothing that you can go, depending on the particular shape or hairstyle you that you have selected.
2. The style of dress makes a huge impression on first meeting, and spoke a lot about damn what personality you have, so your clothes should never be underestimated. It’s nice to have extravagant noticeable, but not at the expense of pink blouses with provocative inscriptions or another striped shirt on the market. Clothing should be simple and noticeable, it is the clothes are simple, two-color or monochrome, in accordance with hair and shoes.
3. Accessories are also an important part of clothing. The right item can reinforce the garment that you choose or simply to draw attention to the woman. Forget thick chains, 2-3 nakachuleni the necks, is ugly, especially if you weigh 50 kg. Not bad themselves to modeling or to choose a unique jewelry that only you can possess. This will make a great impression on the fair sex, and you can tell the whole story concerning the election or create it.

So much better first impression is important, but not enough, so continue on. Confident this is what is lacking in most men today, but one of the main qualities of each Svaliachi. This will enumerate several ways in which can be attained as long to really want it. With the desire to achieve anything.
1. Every time you pass a mirror I look in it, you say something inoculate the lines of: “Hey, I myself was very cool” or: “I am a sex machine. Trite and cliched, yes, but also less effective. When a person constantly thinks and presents one thing in the end he perceived. And behold, you become what you want, namely cool.
2. Smile constantly. Must always be positive, smile even when you walk down the street, even the most frequently and then it all. Noticing your smile, women will notice and reciprocation, and you just nutation their head. So with a smile won three times, you feel better smiling, stand out from the crowd more gloomy people around you and drive you all noticed, attracting women attention.
3. Sit and read a book or magazine at least one. So not only will enrich your knowledge, and intelligent look at women’s eyes, but also easier to find topics and fun stories about.
4. Uniqueness, this may be achieved most difficult of all to say here. To their unique, not enough to dress well and smile must be something more. This alone should be able to specify how their behavior and words, the place and the people among who you are. Have to design their own lines of Dating for sure that will impress the woman identified her.
Still remember “Either do it or not, just try it.

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