Calibration – how to understand that you are lying

by admin on October 28, 2009

Understanding of lying

Understanding of lying

Calibration – this observation. This is a critically important skill that allows you to develop faster and get great results in any communication – whether it be seduction, selling or simply the conviction of someone. With the calibration can be recognized: tell you the truth or lie.

Calibration – this observation. Some of it is fairly well developed. Especially those who work with people who often have to track people’s emotions. This is a critically important skill, which allows you to develop a much faster and get great results in any communication – whether in seduction, sales or simply persuading someone.

There are a couple of simple exercises to develop this skill.

The exercise is simple. Sit down with your partner facing each other. Take 4 emotions.Two negative and two positive. For example, angry, sad, happy, joyful. First Partner “shows” you need these states. Ie ask: “John, Joe, Show me a state of joy, remember something joyful!”. It shows you remember the look on his face and body in a state of joy.

And, try to remember every wrinkle and every wrinkle on his face, remember how he holds his hands, straightens a posture, as he breathes, and so on. Some people, for example, difficult to calibrate. “He always face a brick, the state of anger from the state of melancholy can be distinguished only by slightly raised upper lip.” This is a skill calibration: ignore even the smallest details in facial expressions.

Then the partner goes into neutral (zero) state. Then next to you translates the emotion, the next, you remember. And then he takes the emotion out of any of these four shows it, and you guessed it. And so time 8-10, while you’re with millimetric precision is not going to say “Oh, Basil!” You’re sad! ” =)))

How it helps in life?

Interlocutor’s face is always possible to determine in which he state of mind. Again, do not forget that an unknown person you need to be taken with a clean slate. If he has a sad face, it does not mean that he is sad. Perhaps he just always such a facial expression. Or maybe he really is happy and trying to smile at you:)

Here you grabbed the girl’s ass – she corners of her mouth drooped down. But his eyes sparkled with =)

Or with his grandfather began to shit. You see, that he had knocked at his lower lip and eyelid lowered to 2 mm down, then he kaaaaak ebanet you right now! Yeah, you need to calm down a bit, so that cooled down the grandfather, the conversation into another channel or start to express their thoughts: “You – the old boozer! Enough fart at night!” (more gently:))

Noticing all these little things, remember. Why people unfamiliar with communication sometimes can not be glued? And the same fear of the unknown among some. They do not realize that his interlocutor’s face is written, do not know what emotion it now broadcasts. And then to know a person better, lapped. Already know that if he had his left eye begins in the direction of mowing, it had an orgasm:)

With the help of calibration also can be recognized: tell you the truth or lie.

Technique is simple. Ask a few questions to the other party with whom he really agree. Remember his facial expressions, the internal state. Then a few issues with which he disagrees, remember “non-verbal response.”

Everything, now you ask something interesting =) For example, “What if I am right now, grab your hair and hard fuck, you like it?”. And kalibruesh true answer. Nonverbal.

Neverbalika will not lie, guys;)
Therefore, when you want to understand what is really wanted a girl, watch the reaction of her body on your actions.Words do not always tell the truth:)

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