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How to get your shape in tact and get more dates

How to get your shape in tact and get more dates

Here are collected the materials that will help you look stylish, well-groomed and attractive.

In this section, no paid by producers of articles in which the exterior pederastic boys socks advertised price of a cast iron bridge.This is real advice – the total knowledge base of dozens of good guys who just want to tell you all what they have learned.

Part one – why do it.
Everyone comes to this sport on its grounds – one person wants to make their muscles more relief, the other simply wants that same muscle somewhere to find a third wanted to do work on burnout fat in meat. Any reason – remain behind the doors of the hall, and all deeply do not care what led you there – most importantly, as you do.
In any case – bodybuilding (my name is more closely than the American bodybuilding), strengthens bones, improves mood, raises the general tone and teaches to look at things more philosophically – for example, to drop 170-pound bar on his leg. On the other hand – you must have extraordinary willpower to somehow break away from the TV in the evening, take yourself (and not the wife) on the buttocks and bring him into the gym. And they continue to do, no matter what – who cares that you have depression, problems at work and started balding left heel – in the hall must be addressed, not to cry in his waistcoat coach. In any case – read it to the end – I give the real material based on their own experience.
I started bodybuilding the first time in 17 years when, after a serious injury I gained more than 60 kilograms of excess weight – with an increase in 185 I weighed 165 pounds. In just four months I dropped more than 30 kilograms. It was a huge achievement for me. The second time I came to the hall at the beginning of last summer – and still do today. And I was not attracted to throw – even though I really serious about doing less than two years. Now my weight is 130 kilograms, with the growth of 194 centimeters. Yes, and I have very little paunch – the bounds of decency.
Part two – where the actual deal.
The answer is elementary – in the gym. Why not home? I’ll explain.
The first and most important – the very atmosphere of the hall effect on you with the utmost rigor of the law.
Second – quite difficult coming into the hall, skive all evening, going up every half an hour to the bar.
Third – a set of normal shells home will cost at least 3-4 thousand dollars.
Do not believe the advertising, in which “only” for H59 dollars offer you a universal simulator, where you become a finalist after a month of Mr. Olympia, and composed of boards, piles of plastic and a couple of pitches – all of this nonsense. For example, it can not do become draft.
The fourth – in the hall there is always someone who you are elementarily yelling “Do not wagged his ass!” And spot the run-time exercise.
Fifth – you will not be tempted to come again in half an hour compete gantelki – you escape overtraining.
Sixth, and most importantly – you no one will distract.
Part Three – that the room you need, and what to go there.
How to choose a gym? There must be observed a good correlation between the value of work and service to you in this very room provide. Usually the price for months of training varies from 150 to 400 rubles for a decent room without saunas, waitresses in bikinis and heaps of cool kids.
What should influence your choice:
1) Time on the road – than it is lower, the better, because not everyone can wander a half hours each way through the day.
2) Number of people per square meter – the smaller the better.
3) Shells and trainers – in the hall must be at least three rods, a set of dumbbells for all the weight (or several pairs of typesetting), several types of projectiles boards for the press, the board Benches prone, vertical and horizontal blocks. This is the minimum set of gentlemanly.
4) Shower. Naturally, it should be. Nobody wants to go through the whole city, fresh fragrance hormones. To the conference do not have to take food for a month and a wife with her mother – without them happier. Enough t-shirts, shorts, spare shoes. Of the extra stuff – shell gloves (Cycling shorts), weight-belt and a bottle of mineral water to practice.
Part Four – rules of etiquette in the courtroom.
1) Never run up and snatch the shell from the hands of another person – first take an interest, whether he needed.
2) You can not talk to someone who does exercise – little joy, if you’re crushed by a barbell because chaynikovskogo issue. All questions can be asked when a person is resting between exercises (repetitions), or in the locker room. Do not be afraid to ask – no one above you will not laugh – all once came to the hall for the first time, so that even a wild boar, which is now squatting with a barbell at 272 pounds.
3) Do not step over the bar. That’s not necessary and that’s it – a sign of respect, if I may say so.
4) In other respects, behave like a normal male company. Even if you are a woman.
Part Five – a little or liquidation of illiteracy especially training for different purposes.
“Bodybuilding is 40% of genetics, 50% of the training and 10% of the food” – it said one of the oldest and most respected builder. In fact, a frail boy who blows the wind, you have to put some more effort to cause envious looks – but not impossible – the main thing is patience and perseverance. When you decide to walk in the room – then remember that the muscles do not grow during exercise and during rest (sleep). Therefore, complete rest is important not less than a full workout. The optimal number of classes per week – three, for example, Monday-Wednesday-Friday for a couple of hours to practice. Admit it – six hours a week – this is quite a bit. You spend more vemeni to view ads in between movies. In bodybuilding, as in psychology, there is a separation into three main types of personality – ectomorphy (weedy small), mesomorph (athletic, wild boar) and endomorphic (pudgy physique, pudding). Of course, it happens and medium-sized situations – for example Mezoektomorf. For undernourished people above all – a set of muscle mass and to plump – fat in meat processing, for athletes – an increase of relief. There are women – with them difficult. Women than men prone to the accumulation of fat, and a small layer of the latter is its only benefit – otherwise there would be those nicely rounded. At the same time a woman has relatively better-developed zone of the lower extremities. Nor should a woman develop pectoral muscles – it is somehow useless. Plus, women are several times slower gain muscle weight – she has a much lower level of testosterone.
Part Six – the three basic exercises, or do not have to be a beach pitching.
Already a couple of months, I occasionally notice that in our hall, one young fellow who spends evenings swinging with abandon, making only three exercises – to develop your biceps, chest and press. He is still young durilka, and to the advice of the senior does not listen – why do you read me, and remember – you need these exercises nafig DO NOT NEED. At least the first three months of this six-month course.
Why semi-annual? Before the onset of summer left half of course, steep biceps, chest press, and look great – but when they are based on powerful legs and the back is a massive spin. I, like many amateurs and professionals, I recommend – the first three months to do so-called “basic” exercises – a bench press, squats and deadlift. Below I will describe them in greater detail. Why are they basic? All elementary. Even if you only do these exercises – they are straight (loads) or indirectly (by contributing to the formulation of growth hormone) are developing all the major groups of muscles. Bench press – chest, triceps, biceps, anterior deltoids. Squats – quadriceps (thigh), glutes (butt), femoral biceps, calves and lower back. Deadlift – quads and all back together with trapezes
Chapter Two – classes.
Part one – deadlift. What is the deadlift? It is a complex exercise of physical force who train a lot of muscle groups – more engaged only in sex. Roughly, it describes the way – you come to lying on the floor, bars and pick it up. Like anything complex, but try to lift the weight equal to their own. Too heavy? Here comes to the rescue vehicle and perform exercises.
First shoes. It should be a good fixation of the heel, that is usually easy sneakers will not do – best of all good high sneakers. Then – gloves. Conventional Cycling shorts made of leather (gloves with cut on the first phalanx of the fingers) – they are needed in order to not tear your pantyhose girls good labor calluses. They are not like. Wild probably
How should do the exercise:
Approach the bar. Legs slightly wider than shoulders, feet turned outwards to form an obtuse angle. Squat so that your thighs are parallel to the floor or slightly above – in any case, the spin should be straight, and hands you should hold on to the neck. Heels should stand firmly on the floor. You take the neck with his hands to his rod, firmly holding the barbell. Hands should be free to hang – no more, and do not have a natural position. The back should be straight – because you do not need to shift the vertebrae, right? Look straight ahead, upward, and not the stem. Take a deep breath and hold your breath a little. I-rrrraz! Jerk feet (and not back!), Straighten the legs. In the second half of the movement began to unbend his back to full rectification. Last – with the trapezoid retract-up shoulders. The overall result is slightly bent forward the figure of the soldier standing at attention, which is why you hold your rod. Thus, you have fully worked out the entire back, from top to bottom, with the seizure of quadriceps and buttocks.
Extra stuff:
1) weight-belt. Represents a very broad zone of thick skin is needed for fixation of the spine. How do I choose? Black humor – if times are bad, then your spine will be broken. But seriously – that the belt should be made of genuine leather, preferably some well-known brand. The width of the belt must be collected individually. The belt should sit tight, but not interfere with breathing.
2) Insurance – everything is very simple. If you feel that way – to drop the boom. Do not forget to jump back.
Part two – squats.
What is this exercise? Like anything complex – to pile up at a bar and be done with this fool on the shoulders squat. But it only seems so – and if you do not want cheburahnutsya at the bottom point of the squat forward, but still get the top of the neck 100-pound stamp – read carefully. Preparation – all, as in the first part. Shoes, belt, gloves. Enforcement – to put the neck on the bars to the rack, at an altitude of just under your shoulders. Hang pancakes. Podlezt barbell, taking it to the rear trapeze. Regulation of hands – what it is, the better you will control the boom. Fineness – the lower you put your rod, the more weight you can lift (torque less load on the back – too).
To start anyway put it higher – as you begin to engage in bodybuilding, not powerlifting. Slowly lift the barbell to complete the rectification of the body. Step back two – three steps, so as not to clash on the rack. What you longer waste – the more tired your muscles. Initial position – you stand, the bar is. The back is straight, looking sternly ahead. Slowly begins to descend, maintaining his balance while trying not to tilt the back forward. Drops to until your thighs become parallel to the floor. The heel of all time should be strictly pripechatana to the floor, and it shall be at least 70% of the load. Do not get up on your toes! In this case, very much reduced area of contact with the floor and stability – there likely cheburahnutsya forward. Begins the ascent, while exhaling what is left in the lungs. Rose. All. During the squat involved the following muscles – quadriceps (thigh), biceps femoral (his back), buttocks, calves, lower back. In general, all legs, if briefly.
1) Bandages. Like nothing serious – ordinary bandages, wound on the knee joints. And you believe me if I tell you that they can be used to improve the result by 5-7 per cent, which is important on large scales? However, this is so. Bandages must be applied at scales close to your maximum (more on that later), or after a knee injury. Bandages are wound on the knee itself, and the layer below, and two layers above it. What tighter wound, the greater the force of the elastic bandage (Try to bend the leg, very tightly wrapped elastic bandage). Bandages from the pharmacy can always reel, especially lifterskie elastic bandages – the weight bar from 130-150 kilograms.
2) Insurance. At large scales better to put two guys on the side of the bar to catch, if that …
3) If the kids do not – throw the bar back, prognuvshis and jumping forward after the throw.
4) We powerlifters have special costumes for the squat – but you still too early to think about them.
5) If you’re afraid to work with large scales – is run at Smith. This is where the rod goes tough with runners up and down. But free weights better – involve many small muscles.
Part three – bench press.
The most favorite people in the exercise. Why? Quickly gives a noticeable result in the mirror. Love only dumbbells for biceps …. Running – lay down on the bench throughout his back, legs apart, firmly based on the floor. They took the bar. The distance between the hands shall not exceed 80 centimeters – or index fingers at the beginning of cuts in the Olympic bar. Lifted the bar with legs, moved it so that the neck was over the nipples or breasts about the add. Inspiration. Slowly lowers the bar, for 5-8 inches from your chest begin to push back with an exhalation. All. Are involved – pectoral muscles, anterior deltoids, triceps, biceps.
1) Narrow grip develops the triceps and the delta, a wide – chest.
2) Can you wear a weight-belt – will not be worse.
3) hands before the end unbend not desirable.
4) The best way to lower the bar slowly, and lift quickly – so-called “explosive style”
5) We lifters have a special shirt for bench press – but it does not need you again.
6) Insurance – is required for weights 80-90 pounds more. From under the bar is quite difficult to get out.
Part four – what follows from this, or training programs.
The program is very simple – the beginning of training do you do for exercise, 10-15 minutes. Warm-up includes a variety of kick hands, legs and torso in various combinations. Click to warming up the muscles and the influx of fresh blood to them. Following is an exemplary program of training for the first three months.
1) Monday. Warm up, press on the inclined board 3 sets of 20 repetitions. Squats – 2 warm-up approach (weight less than half of the maximum), 3-4 working approach – the weight of about 90 percent of the maximum. On the additive can porazgibat feet in the stand.
2) Wednesday – Warm up, 2 warm-up approach to the squat, one warm-up approach to become and three working approach. At finished the – a little Back Extension through the goat on the goat, and you can warm up.
3) Wednesday – warm up, bench press. One warm-up approach, the three workers. Then – you can do biceps and the press.
Questions and answers on them.
1) Why are training once a week for one group of muscles? Because muscles need to fully recover.
2) How is the maximum weight? After one warm-up approach, take one weight and trying to lift it. They picked up – this is the maximum. Anticipating questions answered – good performance – his weight bench press, squat down slightly from 1.5 and becomes its weight.
3) Do I need to increase the load? Sure. First six months of weight usually grow up like mad horses. Do you feel that you can lift more – lift. It is important to avoid overtraining muscles – they are useless. If the muscles on the day after training whine – do not worry.
Features of training – to work at relief have to take small weights and do about 20-30 repetitions for the approach. To work on the mass necessary to take the weight of about 70-80 percent of the maximum and to 8.10 repeats per approach. To work force – the maximum weight, 1-3 repetition. To burn fat – add jogging jogging in the evenings for 30-40 minutes, to work on the mass.
The most important thing – every workout a little, increase their weight. Otherwise, from the exercise will not make any sense.
Chapter three. Dining. And steroids, where getting away from them …. Loadings and daily routine.
Part one – steroids.
Steroids – is that you do not need nafig. Why? Now answer. Course, steroids dramatically increase your strength, weight, performance and everything else. Just do not think why they banned? You did not think why Uncle Arnold Schwarzenegger made his kidney transplants and heart?
I explain – you want problems with potency, the removal of light, which would interfere with your liver, pimples all over his body and brain atrophy – Eat steroids. Want to cool your muscles grows old within six months after the end of the workout – Eat steroids. Want to be a byword among serious builder – straights – Eat steroids.
It is difficult to abandon the idea of becoming a cupboard 2×2-wheel drive for three months – but this is life. At a freebie you’ll get only the problem of AIDS and all the rest is obtained after painstaking work, during which the shit flowing out of his ears, and you cursed the idiot who wrote this article. And what kind of a man, if you can not achieve normal shape without the use of chemistry?
What is the beauty of natural bodybuilding – your muscles will always be with you, no matter how much time has passed. The only thing – she will lose some of the strength and mobility, but physically your muscles anywhere not disappear – they will hang on to you, recalling that it was time to go to the Hall of correct form. I am not against steroids, I am against the use of steroids beginner – a serious level in sport is achieved serious chemistry. But the sooner you think about it – at first go in the year 2-3.
Part two – self catering. Theory and practice.
Normal person involved in bodybuilding takes about a day and a half – two and a half grams of protein per kilogram of its own weight.
A simple example – I. My weight – 118 pounds. By simple mathematics, we obtain 250 grams of protein. The day I eat 10 eggs, on average half a kilo of meat and salads, vegetables and fruit a couple of pounds. Plus yogurt, which I love – all you like. In 100 grams of meat contains about 20 grams of protein – total 100 grams. In one egg – from 7 to 10 grams. Another 70 …. In 100 grams of yogurt contains 5 grams of protein. 2 liters a day – an additional 100 grams. In general – I consume protein in the normal range. And this is without raising the cost of protein, amino acids and other very expensive and highly publicized shit you want a narrow circle of professionals. Conclusion – Eat regular meals, fewer fatty foods, more meat, vegetables and fruit – and all of you will be fine. Should not be there two hours before exercise, and about an hour after. During a workout you can drink plain mineral water (even necessary) – I’m doing a couple of sips after each approach. It is desirable to use multivitminy – tsetrum or Complivit – who as it allows the purse. I eat Complivit. Try that the number of calories you consumed was in the range 3000-5000 per day.
Part three – complete rest.
And the rest – one of the most important components of the normal training. Muscles do not grow during a workout in during rest and recovery. So try to sleep at least 8 hours of knocking on the day of training – 10. Do not walk in the room 5 days a week – you need not overtrained muscles aching from every movement of your cat. Yes even consider the fact that after a normal workout in your muscle formed a sufficient amount of lactic acid for a small farm. It is derived from the body after approximately 24-28 hours. If the pain continues for a long time – that means microscopic fibers that make up his muscles. It takes a long time – up to a week, facilitated by a good massage and grindings alcoholic tincture of calendula.
Part four – load.
Powerlifting, like weightlifting to bodybuilding – belong to the category of anaerobic loads – loads to the muscles. Aerobic activity – are the ones that are aimed at improving the work of the heart and neuro-vascular system. Swimming, running, active games outdoors. Must be developed in both directions – otherwise one day your heart will not withstand the increased weight of your body and a peaceful break, forgot to warn you in 3 weeks, as laid down by the Labor Code. Therefore, I propose to you the following system of training – to develop the muscles in the winter and in summer – to develop the heart and lungs – in fact quite natural – in the summer to run and swim, and deal with winter in the basement.
Here are brief and all that you need to know to build your body. Necessary basis I gave you. And write a more complete guide prevents the volume of the newspaper. All the additional knowledge you can always learn from his coach, friends down the hall or from books. The recommended – though – would usher Schwarzenegger. If you are the owner of a modem – you can always get advice in newsgroups FIDO7.RU.BODYBUILDING (Ru.Bodybuilding in FIDO). Good luck in the comprehension of the science. And do not beat yourself nothing shoulders of door jambs.
Note – Powelifting – a power triathlon. It consists of squat, bench press and postural lying. The result – the addition of all weights in the sum. For example, for my weight class maximum surpasses a thousand pounds.

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