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by admin on October 18, 2009

Body languageHello, friends!
I decided to write an article for males and females in courtship signals, because it is essential to understand whether our conversation we considered attractive and where we can afford to get. Moreover, we can use them in their daily lives to poflirtuvame with someone, because if you apply these tactics to attract, the opinion of others for us to increase significantly.
Let’s start with female courtship signals.
The woman has always been one of the most complex creatures in the world. In one seconds every woman can think of one thing, saying another hearing, third, fourth and feel to make fifth … At this without “otklanya” from all these activities. Why women used significantly more signals by which to demonstrate the opposite of man, that feels a natural attraction to him. It is a pity that us men, we must strike five times in the head to understand what this is about. Therefore, if a woman reading this article, you must know that no matter how trying to show her husband that she is cute, you have to do two or three times to enable the husband to notice.
In the process of courtship after a series of bravado, dominance over others and attempt to prove that your partner deserves its genes can be transmitted in subsequent generations. Strange as it sounds, this is indeed so – while flirting, all looking for partners that are capable of continuing the family. And now to focus on women. Among the most common signs of courtship, they are:
1. Recantation of the harvester head and hair
This is most often the first signal that a woman sent her husband, who liked it. It revocation head back to escape their hair on their shoulders or to find your face. This helps the woman to show her husband that it is important how it looks before him.
2. Gently pulling the mouth, lips and wet pet
When a woman is sexually aroused her lips, breasts and genitals swell and redness, because they enter more blood. Lipstick is used to show that a woman is sexually aroused and the more it is bright red, the stronger signals sent. So women who put lipstick with the bright red color to be like men.
3. Samodokosvane
By touching the body, often in intimate proximity to areas designed to show the woman the man opposite points on which it wishes to be touched. So, guys, pay attention to this signal.
4. Crease in the wrist
Crease in the wrist is the signal that shows a man than obedience, so that he feels sure that he will control things. Unfortunately, males, women know how to control our …
5. Cylindrical objects
By holding cylindrical objects, the woman tries to simulate a sexual act, because such objects like the male penis. Can often be seen how a woman removed and placed his ring, which is just such an action, which rotates in the brain of a woman …
6. Showing palms
A woman who is interested in a man, will slowly start to show his hands – his most tender part. This is easily seen in smokers, as they usually show the inside of the wrist of that hand, which held a cigarette. If, moreover izdishva up smoke, then surely this woman likes you
7. Hair looks over his shoulder
The woman lowered her eyelids slightly and keep sight of man for him to create a sense peers into it.
8. Undulation of the hips
Wider hips in women allow the woman to polyulyava while walking to her pelvis and outlines. This sexual signal is very strong, because men can not go that way. In the advert, often in female presence will be noticeable undulation of the hips and outlining the hips, which directly vludyava men and makes women jealous of the model, which is involved in advertising.
9. Bend in the hips sideways
At a ratio of waist: hip, which is about 70:100, the woman is in the best shape to successfully wear and children. The manner in which the woman claims that respect is a slight break in through the hips while standing rights. An interesting fact is that men like such a relationship between waist and hips, whether the woman is of normal or overweight.
10. Bags, placed near
I personally do not feel afraid to look into women’s bag, as my mother drove me to it quite often saw things from her, but I have heard of men who made them like crazy to close the bag of a woman. This may panic some of our people, but the actual placement of purse near a male signal that a woman has a strong interest in him.
11. Targeting of the knee
Gestures with his feet most of the unconscious man who made them because he just does not pay enough attention to their feet. If a woman slipped one foot into the other, while at the same time he points to you, go! This is one of the most obvious signals unconscious women, as she shows her thighs.
12. Shoe …
If a woman’s shoe is only held in the fingers, it was granted in your company, but if at the same time it sabuva and footwear from the fifth, it suggests you what she wants to do with it. Be careful however, because quite often it can balance you out of
13. Twisting the feet
One leg was twisted and close-fitting directly to the other – a clear signal you need This gesture is used by women to attract attention to the man she regarded as the most charming, interesting, nice, etc. Other signals are slowly crossing legs and razkrastosvane front man and gently pat with a hand on hips (samodokosvane). So the woman indicates that wants to be touched.
These were female courtship signals. Now comes the row and the male ones, but must warn you to not unhappy – male signals are limited in number than are females. So Sorry, girls, but who is your fault that you are using 13 signal, and we only 3
Typical ways of expressing interest in a woman for men are:
1. Thumbs in belt
This is the most direct hint of sex in men. Insertion thumbs in his belt is intended to emphasize his crotch. This is due to the fact that before mnooooooooooooogo while men like the great-great … their ancestors, primates, demonstrated superiority by pointing your penis. Fingers in the belt allow delineation of vision and focus to the phallus, which is really a hint …
2. Remedy the crotch
Yes, ladies may seem disgusting and repulsive to you, but for us it is perfectly normal – to remedy the crotch. It aims to hint that our genitals are so big and yet so important for us to insist that care for them permanently
3. Setting of the tie
A man who was in the company of a woman who hareva begins slowly poopravya his necktie. This is an obvious signal of attraction, because it shows a man in turmoil, which in this case was caused by a lady …
These are signals that you recognize in crush or hints. Now some tips for women:
1. Do not do it only once!
Yes, if you want to show the man that you like, you should be persistent! Do not stop with just one sign, carried once! The man that likes you, he just does not notice the signal. Therefore, if you really like him, he suggested, or if you even hit him with a brick on the head that can be felt
2. Touched him!
Touching a man to create a pleasant feeling in it because then it will surely notice that he turned his attention. Even that touch is subtle, it will be felt and this will save you a brick
And now the advice for men:
1. If you want to be cool, sport!
Sport, whatever, gives us more endurance, which is important in sex. Even jogging half hour a day can they scored in shape, not to mention the workout. Furthermore, it is especially important to drink lot of fluids so you can take it anymore and thus delivering greater pleasure both it and ourselves.
2. Watch carefully!
Do not immediately rush to the woman you like, at first glance, because it may be or already is occupied or not they liked it. That they should not despair, there are more women and мнооого If you look carefully, you will surely notice at least 2-3 eyes to themselves. Whether you take advantage of them depends on you. And, among other things, careful watching can save you hit on the head with a brick
I hope this article will serve for establishing contact with representatives from the other, and why not of the same sex. As has become clear, if someone show that like him, he will surely be impressed, whether or not it is very beautiful, or Brad Pitt or Britney. Try to watch for these signals and will soon notice the change. And do not forget rule 1 of the NLP:
If  Someone can DO it, So do I !

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