Basic mistakes that most of the guys does!

by admin on October 19, 2009

Some have seen them, others make them, and others keep doing today without them realize …

1. “Waiter, a little vodka blonde chick over there and tell her of whom is”.
There’s no way else to be first. Every day and night, any institution can be seen above approach. Looking hot chick is already half an hour, but they are afraid to talk to her. Fear makes you “indirect approach” in this absurd way.
Subkomunikatsiyata in this case is:
“Me afraid to talk to them about what I want to buy you – so that their more permissive.”
“I like you – and want to buy your attention … at least for a while. ”
“You are very” cool “- and I’m not. But I have money and can at least try to buy some time with you. ”
And subkomunikatsiya basic summary is – “I am a lower rank than you – but they have money and hope with them you can see me in a favorable light. As, however, we all know – women do not have sex with men niskorangovi of them …
– Stop buying beverages deign to strangers. No need to “buy” relationship, which he is;

2. Fear of the approach or the problem of passivity.
Stay all night and watch the hot girl or just disagree with them on the street. Waiting for something to happen … and waiting … and waiting …
Inability to approaching to a chick (and other factors) makes many men do not match. In fact, women also have this problem, but fortunately more hubavkite least – life will have to overcome their passivity. Passivity leads to a vicious circle – the fear and fear creates a new circuit is closed so many men and women go home without having met even with a new guy night after night, waiting for “luck out” sooner or later .. .
– Stop being a spectator in your own life. Rather played a major role. Luck is a good thing, but let it be only a supplement to your success.

3. Weak voice, uncertain body language.
Or – the so called me – “samootsvirvane.
Suit babe worried, embarrassed, while it quietly shuffle zagovaryash and the next minute it’s already turned your back.
– Suited slowly and confidently – without overreacting of course – talking loudly, let’s all they hear. Speak clearly and not too slow or too fast. Come on you cared by the opinion of others – I feel better than you do.

4. We strive to be like.
“Hey how are you ?”… “And so I … Cause you look very well … “What is your name ?”… “Good name” … “What do you do ?”…” very interesting work where “…” ?”…” “…” What a cool drink – you buy something and ?”…”, you just leave – to ride to you ?”…
Reports looking too quickly. Ask her too many questions for her now. It became a center of conversation as you do not miss someone and put the other compliment, hoping thus to her dopadnesh more.
– Do not put in a role of “center of the galaxy. Instead of constantly questioning her – tell something about yourself. Show that you’re a valuable person – there are cool things around you to share it – all it does not strive to be like her or who he is;

Kavalerstvane false – Do it in 10 minutes, but his legs to break open any door in front of her, made her drink every time he reached out for her to keep her purse while she spoke on the phone or go somewhere, etc. .
– Seen many movies. Stop doing things for her, which is not earned.
– Stop to be humble and to crouch just to win her favor

Stoop to it, careful not to miss any of her word, not daring to tell her nothing, “despite of” even if it absolute nonsense going on, do not even dare to pluck eyes from her.
– Stop running so dependent on it. So you just to be familiar with it. With or without it – big deal – women around you – as you want. (the latter is very hot girl on handicap – just change the gender in the sentence).

5. Obsession.
Finally you have a girlfriend / LTR / – you have sex regularly and the world ends for you. Stop to hang out with friends. Stop flirting with other women. Cut out from all companies and at least narrow their social circle. Obsessed from his mate and you’re ready for anything and can keep you together. If this continues forever – there is nothing wrong … Only one to have in your mind – “Things that continue forever count on the fingers of one hand you and your connection is not among them:).” In fact, many women with this problem is much more serious than in men.’ll notice how a divorced woman over 35 is pretty hard for a great man boyfriend.
– To have a steady girlfriend is great. To love, respect, etc. too. But never completely let go out of the game. If you do not want to cheat – do not do it, but do not break off from the rest of the world. Get with other people except her – friends, friends, acquaintances, strangers:). Flirting with other women! – Sex / other / optional as I mentioned – but the flirting will help you not lose your skills in the field of seduction. Skills that you may be required after year two or ten.

6. Replay.
Wring their hands and body – style known rapper “- until they zagovaryash” beybita Hey, how are you – Are you cool at the party. Trying to spend too cool. Your energy is too high.
– You do not have to do what not. High energy is a good thing – but too high is ridiculous – especially if the opposite Seta is very low energy.

Sip some small – comes your mood, hang out on the dance floor and began to fidget in the most crazy way. Nagrabvash coming pretty girls rude and start wild, wild and rather clumsily dancing with them. Surprising to you after a while they all find a pretext to stop or dance, or away from you to dance at the other end of the hall. Sip a few and even now ready to izpikaesh the dance floor, encouraged by everyone around you. It seems to you that the world is in your feet and they all love, but why then – at the end of the evening to get home alone …
– The difference between being cool and your clown is sometimes very thin – be careful. Sometimes you will about the band enjoys a brutal crap that you do – simply because they do a circus, not because their attractive and appealing. Find for themselves and do not overplay the border just to have fun in the company.

7. We aim to entertain. At any price you want it downloaded.
The conversation ends – you are wondering what to say. Afraid that if you remain silent for too long it will become uninteresting and it will go. Finally Inventing a nonsense – only to have nothing to their chattering – but the language of your body and your voice, your embarrassment is usually issued.
– You do not tsirkadzhiya or attraction at the zoo. Stop wondering how to entertain and have fun yourself – knowing her. Seduction is a mutual process – you seduce her and she seduces you.

8. Prostitute – why not?
Decide that it is worth lingering for several months to have sex. You do not engage to flirt and seduce women. Simplest logical thought her husband was invented “the easy way. Going, and give you fifty euro “hit” a prostitute for one hour.
– No need to condescend to pay / in whatever form / for you to have sex – so I tell you that I have done and have sex with beautiful girls without ever I am paying for it. Moreover, consider what you get – something akin to having sexual intercourse. Soulless, pointless – purely physical intercourse – which will provide fun for her – hard and from there, too. You’re a man and sex you are granted by law. Moreover, the pleasure of the process of seduction is something incredible, which is otherwise simply miss.

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