AROMATIC seduction

by admin on November 10, 2009

Can she seduce you?

Can she seduce you?

Impact strength and irresistible flavors are well known. This is nothing new – the creation of positive emotions with scents dates back to antiquity. Experimented with flavors alchemists, are used in different rites, priestess of love also use them … Even today many women skillfully apply them to raise awareness of the stronger sex.

Modern research shows that many perceive the aromas of the subconscious level. It is well known that the man loves with his eyes, a woman – with her ears. This is characteristic of the male psyche – first they bring visual stimuli. However, studies show that fragrances also affect a man’s brain. Everyone has a “natural flavor”, which depends on many factors such as characteristics of the hormonal and immune system, skin type, age, etc. When the individual “flavor” is properly combined with the appropriate fragrance is an irresistible draw a sensual combination, carrying a hidden message – seduction. So innocent and a vial of perfume can become a real weapon of seduction.

A journey through time
Woman’s desire to please, to highlight their attractiveness and sensuality with fragrant scent has been known since antiquity. For example, in ancient Rome woman lie for hours in a bathtub with petals of roses when her forthcoming meeting with a man. In Egypt even used different fragrant oils and conditioners with a sweet, intensely flavored, to impart a pleasant scent of the body. Most frequently used oils are myrtle, Mastikov tree, juniper and others. Greeks enriched the range of aromatic substances used – except fragrant oils and conditioners and began to use essential oils obtained from different flowers and plants. Favorite fragrances for women in ancient Greece were the aromas of roses, lilies, iris, saffron and mint.
Gradual development of the perfume industry began a complex and aromatic-rich compositions, which harmoniously combine different components. In the world of women’s fragrances appear exquisite perfumes, which can satisfy every female whim – from light, unobtrusive and discreet fragrances to rich, exotic and seductive “elixirs.” French perfumers say that every fragrance created must be perfect, perfect balance of ingredients included – a real delight for the senses. Moreover, stressed the need to perfume is in tune with the temper of the woman, her style of dress, its individual broadcasting its way of life and many factors to achieve a truly perfect harmony.
In harmony with the fragrance
What flavor elect the woman who wants to provoke, offend and to leave behind a fragrant trail, which affects a long time? Soft but strong. It does not seek to keep pace with the latest trends in perfumery and usually does not use unisex fragrances. Emphasizes its femininity and sexiness with perfume that provokes male fantasies, creates a kind of sensual attraction and desire for a wonderful and memorable experiences.
We must emphasize that there is no universal perfumes, with which ordinary woman soon to become sexually attractive to become a fatal seductress, a woman-vamp. But there are fragrances whose composition is chosen in such a way that really affects the representatives of nice strong sex. Importantly fragrance to blend with your overall radiation is in harmony with your individual “flavor” is consistent with the type of skin and many other factors. There are few women who know how to use the right scent at the right place at the right time. The safest way to find out about perfume is like to experiment with several favorite scents and to interview relatives and friends of those who influence them the most and creates in them pleasant emotions erupts imagination, encourage them to exotic experiences. However, there are perfumes that really provoke temptation and irresistible desire to flirt. But whether it will suit you exactly – well, there’s no way to know in advance, you just have to check.
“Seductive” walk
We offer you a unique “seductive” walk in the world of fragrance, in the opinion of the experts and as a result of numerous studies reinforce the feminine sensuality and sexiness.
Agent Provocateur perfume is not just a weapon of seduction of the woman-vamp. Stunning composition, which surprised and provoked fantasies erupts. Actual places exotic flavor combination of Indian saffron and coriander, followed by neat flower notes of jasmine, ylang-ylang, Moroccan rose, Egyptian jasmine, magnolia and white gardenia in the heart. The base is provided by the vetiver, Virginia cedar, ambergris and musk, and seduces with its incredible sensuality.
Flavor is irresistible GUCCI Rush 2, a magnificent combination of opposites that captivates with its sensuality and incite imagination. Top notes reveal a scent of narcissus, lily of the valley and palm tree core is a magnificent bouquet of roses, freesia and gardenia, and base is rife with temptation tingling with impressive harmony of musk, black currant and oak moss.
Chris de Berg sang Lady in Red – gentle, fascinating, filled with passion … a song like fragrance HUGO BOSS Deep Red. Flavor, stressing feminine sensuality and passionately fiery passion. Home of Deep Red puts the scent of fresh pear, softened by a slight scent of cinnamon and subtle exoticism of mandarin. Delicate freesia, ginger and hibiscus flowers give sensual depth of the core. The base is an elegant blend of Californian cedar, musk and vanilla. Provocative, mysterious, alluring … this is ELIZABETH ARDEN Provocative Woman – gorgeous aroma composition, which seems to enchant the senses and transports you in a magical world. Top notes are fresh – lily, lotus and a frozen quince breath, heart overflowing with the passion of a harmonious blend of orchid, pink freesia and papaya, and underlying Japanese cedar and ambergris emphasize sensual femininity. CHRISTIAN DIOR Pure Poison is a very sensual, prelastitelen scent that provokes all the senses. In Pure Poison are combined in an amazing color harmony of jasmine, orange, bergamot, mandarin, gardenia, and white wood santalovo Amber that make it seductively dangerous. Seductive aroma of penetrating fragrance, which produces a sparkling touches to their new emotions and an irresistible desire. GIVENCHY Organza is gorgeous, tempting combination of exotic spices and white flowers. Top notes are unusual, daring combination of honeysuckle, peony and rosewood. The core is revealed by magnificent scent of rare flowers – tuberose, gardenia, ylang-ylang and the base is deep and sensual, harmonious blend of ambergris, nutmeg, vanilla and cedar. LANCOME Attraction sealed under a woman to be always attractive and to collect male gaze. A poetic journey into the world of feelings, overwhelming emotion for the senses. Tenderness of the iris is matched by luring white flowers and patchouli, and vanilla at the base, cedar, ambergris and musk give warmth and sensuality.

CAROLINA HERRERA 212 Sexy is a flavor that gently envelops the skin like silk lingerie, luxurious and tempting. Top notes are of tangerine, bergamot and pink pepper, floral middle are a basis santalovo brings the charm of wood, white musk and vanilla. Promise of seduction and unique experiences hiding ROBERTO CAVALLI Serpentine – scent, built around the exotic scent of mango color, combined with tangerine and mugwort. Night core has a bouquet of Tahitian gardenia, violet, color Frangipani, complemented by a slightly spicy notes of black pepper. At the heart of Ambergris heat is augmented by the fragrance of balsam and Tolu santalovo tree. Basic chords add sensual femininity, which is difficult to resist. PACO RABANNE Black XS For Her is a true elixir and lure unforgettable. Beginning to reveal a delicacy of the colors from Tamarind (tropical wood), pink pepper and cranberry, which form a fresh bouquet. CORE combines black violet, cocoa color and hellebore, but at the base are notes of wood Mason (African tree), Tahitian vanilla orchid and patchouli, which emphasize the feminine and sexy side of this enchanting fragrance.
Want to be a mysterious, attractive, provocative, sexy … is not hard to achieve it. Your unique individuality, highlighted by your fragrance is no guarantee of success among the representatives of the strong sex.

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