Approach a girl and start dating her

by admin on March 28, 2011

I’ve seen dozens of men who experience real fear when talking to women . I worry how it will look in her eyes, what to say, how to behave, when to smile , and taking her phone number can be shake hands experience. Why should we be so scary?
How to approach a woman No woman does not intend to scare you. When you find it, it is simply required to be away and neretseptivna. If you paid attention to every single man, who like it and speak it would not have any control over their privacy. Moreover, most of them do not meet the criteria for her friend – they are boring, plahlivi, inexperienced Bur. Therefore, in a period of time, it has built a barrier that downloads only to a certain type of men.
The more beautiful the more you will be away at the beginning, before the right to demonstrate qualities of an attractive man.
Beautiful woman makes constant, often unconscious tests. Specifies certain matters which your response will determine whether or not his challenge. Sends signals to the words and body language, which are expected to successfully razchetesh and which properly respond.
It is pointless to turn attention to the silent girl who seems completely disinterested in you. Constantly trying to keep conversation with boring subjects to seek its approval and consent of her in everything you say. Let me ask you this – if your domestic dog pee on the couch, will show him that you will not tolerate such behavior, or will it draw the bone?
Attitude: it is difficult, but you too. Why propose to a girl who know five minutes? Do not know what it is not know whether it is fun, adventurous, smart, playful or sarcastic. You have no idea what the man behind the mask that you see on this short time since I said hello.
Accept it as a game. The woman they tested for compatibility, but at the same time – you are it. Unless your tanned virgin by any criteria friend, you must create the right image for you and look at this new dating. There’s nothing scary in the initial otdrapnatost. Rather, it is fun to constantly push the walls between each new acquaintance for as less time.
Remember now – the women’s game the tests. Enjoy them, be flattered by the fact that they perceive as a potential partner. Women want a man stronger than them. One that can pass theirs obstacles.
So accept the right way of thinking and on Earth, stop worrying. You’re in search of a girlfriend, she is in search of a friend. Your conversation is just mutual compatibility test, which should be funny, relaxed and not as easy as 99% of people who download. In contrast, you do not shine despair and frighteningly quick attachment.

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