7 Attraction Secrets of the Best Pick Up Artists

by admin on August 29, 2010

Best Pick Up Artists

1. If you do not take advantage, you lose!

As in all things and in the truck, and downloading has some luck. We must learn to see things that are a plus for us, and immediately take advantage and not idle and hope to download girl panties and say “I love you.”

As an example I will show a story that happened to me recently. That day I was pretty tired, I had a hard workout and my eyes closed, I long for sleep. My friends persistently tormented me to go to the bar and finally inclined .. What to do them – I love them. (Hah)

In the bar proved that there is a sweet girl with good taste for men who do not stop looking at me! In my head started to go thought: “O, how I am tired, I sleep”, but if I do not speak, would you forgive him. And she would not forgive me, 3 km from seeing that wants me lol. So is tight, I took air, I went to talk and two days later I found myself on the couch in the apartment her lesson – do not look for excuses and not miss any opportunity!

2. Nothing teaches more than accost strangers on the girls!

Sad but true. Many people read books on famous artists and svalyachi pickup, and think that their theoretical knowledge make them better. Great, but when it came time to actually accost a girl on the street start to justify what you do not, forget everything and still read by reading. Do not make this mistake! If you read one hour, it is desirable to practice three hours. Theoretical knowledge does not equal skill with women!

3. Do not go in order to succeed today!

Never place intended to have sex with a particular girl or marry him. That way you are obsessed with it, get addicted and forget what’s going on around you. Forget about all the wonderful things that life can give you. This is the most common mistake. Must strive to improve their skills, not to count how many numbers you have taken.

4. Have fun!

Everything that happens around you, you must be fun and take it with a smile and not be mad girls that they are just overlooked. To become good, useful framework for viewing what is – “The girl was never guilty”. If she likes you, you obviously more has to change to better itself. Of course not to become too self-critical. Myth is the claim that you can have any woman! Do not believe such nonsense, Valentino is preparing a series of related myths – coming soon in January.

5. Find your friends!

Here I mean to find such friends with whom you constantly cool, have common interests and be proud of them.

6. Define your goals!

Everyone who has ambitions for something, you should set specific targets to which to strive. Achieving the first smaller, then larger, you gradually go up.

7. Build your lifestyle!
(This will be discussed more extensively in my next topic.)

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