40 ways to satisfy a woman

by admin on October 24, 2009

Tips and tricks of satisfying a woman

Tips and tricks of satisfying a woman

1. Melodious songs, performed by a singer with a low, velvety voice. Hoarse, deep voice “trigger” for most women, a program of sexual arousal. (Thieves carols about “… judges wept over him, but the tower still given” – are not considered). But the high female voices, on the contrary, cause many young ladies nervousness and anxiety. Choose music is competently.
2. When you’re without a request and a reminder from her put on a condom. (And do not leave him and then casually inside).
3. When you, tenderly embraced her shoulders back, chin buried her head between the neck and collarbone. Try povertet head. If you’re in the right place, then the hands and thighs girls will be covered with goose bumps.
4. The film “Gone With the Wind.” And you were lying to, watched and hugging like crazy. (Just do not start to grow a similar mustache like Clark Gable!)
5. Whisper in her ear.
6. Lasky inner surface of her arms and thighs – skin is particularly sensitive.
7. When you allow her to look at you, not under cover with a sheet, and touch you where it wants. Strangely enough, but many men admit they do not love themselves become the object of sexual attention of their partners. Psychologists say that implications of the so-called homophobia – fear to attract the attention of the wrong sex partner – which some men taking just grotesque. Right up to the fact that they do not allow their wives to touch the hands of their penis or buttocks.
8. Cucumber and strawberry aromas. Experimentally that smells freshly cucumber or strawberry operate on women arousing. A similar effect is the smell of fresh butter pastry.
9. When you know where her clitoris. And why do you need it.
10. When you take her in his arms.
11. Detailed and long story about how you lost innocence. But only if she asks you about it.
12. When after sex you spend your finger on her face – from the temple on the cheek through the mouth to the chin. And smile.
13. When you yourself get up at night perepelenat child.
14. Biting of her nipples. Bite (gently!) Can do everything: the palm, fingertips, neck. Including the most intimate places – sometimes it is more effective than the touch of hands or tongue.
15. When not ashamed to say that you want it. Right now.
16. Classic pose. In it the girl an opportunity to look you in the eye during sex and kissing. Both can bring it to an extreme degree of excitation. Proved that women can experience orgasm from a single kiss.
17. Silk bedding. The touch of silk, women are perceived as a caress.
18. Very frequent rhythm frictions, when she was about to reach orgasm.
19. The feelings that arise when you fingertip pull at her lashes down.
20. Clean, well-groomed hair. As an alternative way can be very short crew cut. And then, and it will be another nice touch. And not only with his hands. Try, for example, to hold her head on her pubis and thighs from the inside.
21. When you sosesh thumb of her legs.
22. Regular reports Inform about what she’s beautiful and sexy.
23. Your cowards-boxers. According to surveys, most women consider them to be the sexiest male underwear.
24. When you, despite the obvious excitement continues to caress her, pulling the main action.
25. Your pumped up press.
26. Dry kissing. Adult male nurses did not dissolve.
27. When you, before you lie down, take off the watch. Are so deftly pulled hairs and painful karyabayutsya.
28. When you can openly express their desires, even the most unexpected, without fear of what you confuse or cheer.
29. When you’re after orgasm is not leaving her body at once. And still some time to keep moving. When you come out, then do not abruptly but gradually.
30. When you are not lazy to find her new erogenous zone. Try, for example, draw attention to the crease under her buttocks and bend his legs below the knee.
31. When you do not kompleksuesh about the size of his penis and the authenticity of its orgasm.
32. Pose “Doggy-style.” And it is not surprising, since this is what nature has chosen the position for sexual intercourse almost all living creatures. The classic pose of “man above” – uncomfortable for conception and very limiting partners in the sensations – was so widespread only after several centuries, during which the practice of any other position of wife could have been publicly executed “for corruption.”
33. Coffee in bed in the morning.
34. When unfastened her bra, you do not leave it to dangle from her neck, and remove it completely. And her panties, too, it is desirable not to remove one leg, and with both.
35. Sex at a time when she was a bit like writing. At this point a number of physiological reasons are especially effective stimulation points G – the trigger of the female orgasm.
36. Once in the pose of “woman on top” you also take the initiative – to lift the thigh over the bed and move in rhythm with a partner.
37. Zapletanie in braids her hair. General, many women admit that combing and hair is laying their erotic experiences. From a scientific point of view it is quite understandable: combing hair disturbs the nerve endings on the scalp, which have more women than men.
38. Your tan. Even in the dark tanned skin is more smooth to the touch.
39. When you enter into it slowly, inch by inch, while moving irregularly. So that she could not predict your movements and get ready for them. The effect of surprise increase her feelings.
40. Men who know the previous 39 things without there abstruse journals.

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