10 tricks beautiful stranger (Playboy)

by admin on November 2, 2009

what she really has in mind?

what she really has in mind?

Ten tricks beautiful stranger. What she really has in mind when he says:
“I do something I try never to do.” This means:
“I love to make love, but either:
a) you do not need to know how often, or
b) it is not clear whether you are worthy of me. “Of course, one can say with absolute certainty that you are in her 747 th of counting in man. But do not imagine that you are the navel of the earth and it is near, because you are irresistible.
“Oh, I forgot to drink today contraceptive pill! Please, put on a condom.”
It means: “Pill, I, of course, do not forget to drink, but you never know what might get from you.” Most women, even if they drank a lot, instantly trezveyut, when there is a question about protection against pregnancy or infection. If you do not have a condom, you only have to shoot their sexual tension itself.
“Poor lighting or a complete blackout – it’s very sexy!”
It means: “I’m afraid you will come to the horror of cellulite on my legs, or welds after the operation.” If she is not sure that it has the forms of Pamela Anderson, the only thing that you can see the light, so this blanket, she strained to the chin.
“With this machine, I half-yearly trim legs.
It means: “This is my razor guy, and he always enjoys it when I slept.” Evidence of male presence may belong to her lover, or an abrupt muscular husband, who is currently on a business trip. So do not leave love notes or condoms under the pillow.
“I would not say that I love, when doing it with their hands tied.”
It means: “I love when I was handcuffed to the head, but suddenly you have some maniac?” In this case, it’s time to complain about that yesterday, you’re quite severely injured his right wrist while playing tennis. She quickly undress you and ask myself about everything.
“Oh, Lord, already 4 am!” I quite forgot that the 5 meeting with my mother! ”
It means: “You’re full impotent and insignificance! Do not want to stay with you for a minute more.” After a decent sex normal girl sweetly asleep on a man’s shoulder. If not – I’m sorry, brother, his fault.
“Damn!” My six-year nephew again forgotten his Winnie the Pooh on my bed! ”
It means: “Pancakes!” Hado is look around! Dirtied my favorite stuffed toy! ” Carefully inspect the scene and never really would not want. The collection of soft toys demonstrates sentimentality, in these times, usually concealed.
“I love that man was in the body.”
It means: “How could I have never noticed this beer belly!” Are not you ashamed as he … Come on, this is not the worst. ” How would you feel good no, a date should be the last, except for a beer with shrimps have to forget as long as it is close.
“You were just great! It’s just amazing!”
It means: “Maybe if you praise, you razduharishsya and bring me more pleasure?” Perhaps the chippie. And you are very familiar with this. Ho say, have not you bought into this adulation for the umpteenth time?
“Do not remember if I gave you my phone?” Let’s write it in your notebook, together with the workers. ”
It means: “Call me, call, I’ll die if you do not see you again! Yes, you know how to treat women. Congratulations
… and ten of your tricks
Asks: “Who is in the picture? Yes cousin or second cousin – do not remember. Send us your photos from childhood, every year.”
Mean: “This is my fiancee, but it is in the country until Monday.” He says: “I love you!”
Mean: “You’re damn seductive.” Admires: “You’re just beautiful!”
Mean: “What man cosmetics can do it!” Adds: “And in this cocktail is gin?”
Mean: “Interestingly enough for me to fully get high 150 grams?” Request: “There’s room has an album of family photographs. Сходи look, please. Do not turn on the lights, and then to light them.”
Mean: “You can leave me for 10 minutes?” I need to make one important call … “Suggest:” I live very far away. Let’s go to you ”
Mean: “The wife can go back early in the morning” retorts: “Are you crazy?” Are you fat? ”
Mean: “You’re fatty, but this has its charm!” Hegoduesh: “And he dared to do so with such a woman!?”
Mean: “Hmm. I wonder what exactly you brought it?” Admits: “I’ve never been to so immediately, as in a whirlpool!”
Mean: “Everybody says so, and always work!” Says: “Sometimes I think that feminists are overdoing, Nr as a whole, I fully share their views.”
Mean: “Where are you going to go away from us, fool!”

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