10 beliefs of the man who is successful with women.

by admin on October 22, 2009

No techniques and tactics can not replace it to have proper internal attitude towards women.

These beliefs will help you more than many other things in your life. Positive beliefs are the core of success in life, in communicating with people and of course women. Read them and repeat them 10 times in a day – let them become your bible. After a while you will see and feel that they are already part of you. Then you’ll feel free to add more and more key beliefs, to have more success with women.

1. I am male and love women. Women are attracted to me and my positive sexual energy and do everything possible to be with me.

2. People around me, I respect and appreciate all my post and look me valuable advice. My positive and energetic mood is contagious.

3. I am a leader in each company – including men and women. I make the rules in my life and I decide what time will follow.

4. I live in this moment, feel calm, relaxed and confident because I know they will do the most – good in every situation. I have full confidence in myself.

5. I learn from your mistakes and try and evolve daily. Failures make me only – strong.

6. I feel great and inexhaustible energy inside me. I know that I have created and destined for something great.

7. I help people who aspire to make the world – good place to live. Give the most – better than women themselves and those around me and they are my reciprocation.

8. I know how to interact with each woman. Every woman can feel in my gaze, my movements and radiation that I am the man who wants it, wild and passionate.

9. I have my own goals, beliefs, and time in your life. Other men and women are guests in my world and are extremely happy with it.

10. Every day of my life is one great adventure, which is entirely dunk. I feel a cool, just that I am alive and exist. I know I have everything I need to be happy.

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